Dr Vicky Lofthouse

Trained as an industrial designer, with a PhD in sustainable design, I’ve been working in sustainable innovation for 25 years. EN:ABLE Sustainability was borne out of my lifelong passion to play a meaningful role in driving sustainability forward. 

I love showing organisations how to think, adapt and operate with sustainability in mind, using my experience to bridge their knowledge gaps and enable the transition. My ethos is very much around making things happen in real time, creating change through practical action.

I’m curious by nature, and love connecting ideas together and uncovering opportunities to transfer concepts from one industry to another. I’m a user-centred designer through and through which means I often come at a problem from a slightly different angle to traditional business consultants.

Think of me as your extra pair of hands, steering your organisation towards a more sustainable (and successful) future.

Let’s have a chat about how I can help move your business forward.


My Approach


human centred

Adopt the users’ view to help identify the right problem to solve.


explore with curiosity

Always question the norm, is there a better way of doing this?


simplify the solution

Learn from others and use existing ideas and concepts to keep costs down.