Change just ONE THING…

Small changes can make a big difference.  What is the ONE THING that you could do to reduce the sustainability impact of the products you make and sell?

💡Could you use less material?
💡Should you be using a different material?
💡Could you make them lighter?
💡Could you make them last longer?
💡Could you make them more circular?
…Would this, then bring extra value into the company? 💷

I’m working with a company at the moment who are doing just that.

They have identified an opportunity to extract, test and remanufacture some components that have previously been sent for recycling.

This will not only reduce their waste disposal costs but will also reduce the cost of the inventory they need to buy, to make the products in the first place.

How could YOU generate additional value for your business? If you have some ideas but don’t have the time or resources to make a start, then drop me a message and let’s chat.

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