Keeping a curious eye out for cool stuff!

I quite often get asked where to look for cool stuff. Do I have a list of go to places for examples of sustainable innovation…? The answers is no – I don’t.

What I have is a love of innovation and a decent helping of curiosity.

When I first created the now defunct website INFORMATION-INSPIRATION in 2000 I set out to compile inspiring examples that would show designers that IT IS POSSIBLE to create products that are better for the environment. Not only did it showcase different ways of thinking but it combined this with practical information to enable the process.

Unfortunately that work was the victim of exponential technological changes in web development, but my desire to collect and showcase examples of innovative sustainable solutions is still strong.  I often post things on here that catch my eye like the fabulous Trakke Ltd bags; gomi‘s innovative product range; the fab flat wine bottle by Packamama; the new refill systems from the @refill coalition; and the Nivea Doll that gets sunburned to teach kids about the importance of sunscreen (Katie Richards, 2016), all interesting examples in their own right.

So my advice is to be curious, follow interesting avenues and be more curious… it will pay dividends!

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