How I can help you

I take a very practical approach to sustainable innovation, providing the fresh pair of eyes needed to help your organisation find the right way forward.

I use a combination of qualitative and quantitative methods to identify innovation opportunities for my clients, drawing on my in-depth knowledge of sustainable innovation and circular thinking to solve real-time problems within the often-tight constraints of business. 

I offer research skills, critical reflection and practical experience as well as a deep understanding of the ‘voice of the customer’ which comes from my design training. 

How we can work together

Project Support

I offer regular or ad-hoc support on any size project, charged at a day rate of £550

Fixed Price KICKSTART Programme

This is aimed at product manufacturers who recognise the importance of sustainability but don’t know where to start.

Whether you’re starting from scratch, need help identifying WHAT you should be focusing on, or want to create more circularity in your business, the Kickstart program is for you.

What’s Included?

Following an initial consultation to discuss the product that you want to focus on, I will lead you through a 2-hour online workshop where we will map out the key sustainability challenges and opportunities for your selected product, considering a wide range of issues across the product life cycle. After the session you will receive a summary document, outlining specific tasks and activities to move your business forward.

Contact me for more information and to see if the KICKSTART program is for you

Sustainability Training

A ‘lunch and learn’ session costs £650.
Multi-day workshops are costed on a case-by-case basis.

My expertise


Applying knowledge, expertise, and insights to your business to help you think and operate with sustainability in mind. Ensuring a tailored approach that’s relevant to your organisational goals and objectives.


Innovation mapping of new ideas or products. Exploring customer perception to drive decision-making. Qualitative data collection and analysis and synthesizing of complex data. Detailed competitor analysis.


Sustainability analysis of design concepts and development of sustainability guidance for internal product development teams. Sharing of insights, best practice, and case studies to steer the development process.


Critical review of current business practices to identify opportunities for embedding circularity in your business model and supply chain. Guidance on the practical application of circular design within your operation.


Sustainability analysis of all things packaging (concepts, competitors, scenarios) using a combination of PIQET abridged LCA software and the qualitative Design Abacus for a holistic approach. Research into and and review of context relevant materials. Prototyping and consumer testing of new ideas.


Helping companies who want to create better products and services to explore their potential for achieving B corp certification.  Advising on the changes needed to achieve B Corp including assisting with your submission. Training on the pros and cons of B Corp. Learning from others who are working to make their business more responsible.


Using this human-centered methodology to help you focus on the needs of the people you’re creating for. By fully exploring needs, questioning our assumptions, and identifying problems, we can create better products, services, and processes.


Reducing environmental impact by moderating the way that people use products, services, and systems. Breaking people’s habits and making design interventions that encourage more sustainable and responsible behaviours.

Who I work with

I work directly with many different internal functions including
R&D, product design and development, research teams, packaging, manufacturing, and internal sustainability teams

I can provide regular or ad-hoc support on any size of project and my clients vary from large organisations through to SMEs. I’ve worked with companies in FMCG, public sector and the creative industries and I also collaborate with smaller consultancy firms on specialist sustainability projects.

what I deliver

Project Support
Bespoke Training

sectors I work in

Consumer Electronics
Personal Care